Most beautiful, adorable, cute and lovely birds in the World

Now its time to show the most beautiful, adorable, cute and lovely birds all around the world. These birds are very famous and have marvelous beauty with lovely colorful feathers, which attracts everyone to watch them continuously.

Lovely birds

Lovely birds
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Lovely birds lovebirds
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Amazing and lovely birds
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Now you can see below, other lovely birds, which will make you feel good about the beauty of nature on this planet earth.

Atlantic puffin

Atlantic puffinAtlantic puffin a species of seabird belonging to the awk family it is also called the common puffins and breeds in Norway Iceland Greenland Faroe Island. This gorgeous looking bird is mostly found on the Westman Islands Iceland. This bird swims on the surface of the sea and catches small fishes for food by diving underwater using its wings for propulsion it has a black crown and back white underparts and pale grey cheek patches both males and females are almost the same in appearance but the male is usually slightly larger generally it flies 10 meters above sea level.

Painted bunting

Painted buntingPainted bunting this painted bunting bird belongs to the Cardenal family it’s a male member is often described as the most beautiful bird in North America and is therefore nicknamed as nonpareil or without equal painted bunting is famous all over the world for its delightful and appealing body. It has a dark blue head green back red rump and underparts this cute bird is about 12 to 14 centimeters long and weighs 13 to 19 grams. They feed on grass seeds such as panicum amaranthus euphorbia and oxalis.

Male bearded tit head

Male bearded tit headMale bearded tit head is a small bird that is also known as the bearded Ted. It is about sixteen points five centimeters long and has a long tail male is gray with black mustaches while the female is paled with no black mustache. This stunning little bird was first described by Carl Linnaeus in 1758 in his system Natura it lives in the temperate regions of Europe and Asia.

Mountain Bluebird

Mountain BluebirdMountain Bluebird is a medium-sized bird that weighs 30 grams and is about 16 to 20 centimeters long. It is also known as the Arctic Bluebird this lovely bird is also the state bird of Nevada and Idaho the lifespan of Bluebird is 6 to 10 years in the wild is mostly found in Alaska Canada and in the west of the US this adorable bird mainly feeds on grasshoppers spiders flies and other insects males can be seen singing at dawn just when the Sun rises their eggs are pale blue however sometimes white.

Crimson chat lovely birds

Crimson chatCrimson chat belongs to his species of small bird found in Australia this beautiful adorable bird is also known as the tricolor chat. They are about 10 to 13 centimeters long and weigh 10 to 11 grams and have a brush-like tip tongue and long thin legs in the breeding season. Usually, the males are more brightly colored in order to attract a mate crimson shad is pretty alluring and is found in the central part of Australia from the west coast to the Great Dividing range and from the tropics to the south coast.

Ruby-throated hummingbird

Male Ruby-throated HummingbirdRuby-throated hummingbird, this cute ruby-throated hummingbird scientifically known as our Killick Escala Brik is a species of hummingbird during winter it is found in Central America Mexico and Florida but in summer it migrates to eastern North America for breeding. The upper parts of the stunning bird are metallic green while the lower parts are grayish-white with black wings this species of hummingbirds have the largest breeding range among all other species of hummingbirds.

Brown Gerygone

Brown GerygoneBrown Gerygone is a small passerine bird local to eastern coastal Australia this beautiful bird was previously known as the brown Warbler. Its upperparts are deep olive-gray or olive-brown while its face and underparts are paler Gray’s cream or washed out Brown it is about 10 centimeters long and weighs 5 to 6 grams. They are found in dense coastal rainforests moist scrublands and dry forests and also in mangroves, these alert bird species eat mostly small insects.


GoldcrestGoldcrest is a small-sized passerine bird belonging to the kinglet family it is also known as the king of the birds in European folklore. This bird is named goldcrest because of its beautiful colorful golden crest feathers. Its upperparts are greenish while the underparts are whitish it has a plain face and two white wing bars goldcrest breeds a coniferous woodland and about 10 to 12 eggs are incubated by the female. This appealing bird is about eight points five to nine point five centimeters in length. The smallest European bird goldcrest weighs four point five to seven grams and is exclusively insectivores that they feed on small insects such as aphids springtails and spiders.

Cuban tody lovely birds

Cuban todyCuban tody tops the list of most adorable cute birds in the world it belongs to the family tody and is limited to Cuba and adjacent islands. This gorgeous lovely bird is about 11 centimeters long and weighs 59 grams its coloration includes iridescent green dorsum pale whitish-grey underparts red highlights and throat pink flanks yellow lures and blue ear pouch its bill is black on top and red on the bottom. Cuban toady is found in dry lowlands evergreen forests coastal vegetation and near rivers and streams in Cuba and its surroundings it’s fascinating body makes it the most beautiful bird in the world.

American Goldfinch

American GoldfinchAmerican Goldfinch this lovely American Goldfinch bird belongs to the Finch family during the breeding season this small-sized North American bird migrates from Mid Alberta to North Carolina and from South of Canada to Mexico and winter in summer. The male is a vibrant yellow in an olive color during the winter season while the female’s dull yellow-brown shade to attract a mate the male shows brightly colored plumage. During the mating season, these stunning and lovely birds are social it is mostly found in flocks during flight.

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