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Lions are healthy it’s not the case a few kilometers away in the Kruger National Park where TB has ravaged half the population infected. Buffalo has been blamed for the outbreak primarily in the south of the park and attempts are being made to fence off the diseased, area in the lions of preying on infected.

Buffalo causes an exotic disease another and indigenous disease the lions are totally naive and their resistance too. So it’s a big problem, it’s a very difficult decision to make as to what to do it’s a very topical and heated subject at the moment. Tonight Ernie Empire can be tracked down a morsel for the lioness. Food is scarce at this time of year so the pride territory covers a large area.

Lions Story

LionsLions can only afford to be territorial where there is a reliable supply of game Jabu wants to mate he’s been with this pride for nearly a year. It would prefer a larger group of males around her eventually though jab will have to join forces with other males to have a chance of keeping this pride.

The big male is only seven years old and a fine specimen weighing in at just under two hundred kilograms (200 Kg) for the moment he’s secure although tonight the Bamber has had Dean on cabs follow in the lionesses wake. If there is a kill, she will feed first often weak Cubs lose out to a hungry mother hi juvenile. Mortality rates are the result of lean times Jabu has had enough.

He’s been walking for an hour’s sleep is more important and the zebra he ate two days ago, will suffice for another night the bambo has made a kill, a young new zebra. It’s been three days since the pride is eaten and this will provide meat for them, all the lioness will eat first. The Cubs know the routine they will get their turn.

Baton is also hungry, he creeps towards his mother is the biggest of the cub, in Kasi watches a lioness can eat more than 20 kilograms in a single sitting. This could be a long wait for the little cub in the Kasi approach of the queue cautiously. Sometimes a lioness will turn on a curse but today the bambo is pleased with her efforts.

Lion animal Predator

The bambo has had her feel for the moment anyway Lions never eat the stomach of a kill, she will bury it before dragging off the carcass. This way hyenas and other predators are thrown off the scent the evidence has been buried. The carcass is no more the member’s daughter, is the Queen it is the second this morning the first was a strangling cry of another. As November brought the young bucks back there was no struggle.

The big lioness is a seasoned hunter, the rest of the pride will feast on the carcass after November retired at first they will drag it into the bushes away from prying eyes. Eleven, raptors already circling the kill scene the kill has created a nervous edge. Even the hippo it’s bad temper engineering is flustered anxious to protect its waterhole build a vest for a favorite prey for lions.

Naturally, they feel vulnerable but for the pride, there is no agitation gorged they will sleep for the next day even. Tomorrow the seven-week twins have tasted blood for the first time but it will be many months before they take part in a hunt. At the moment they just want to play with all the older cub is beginning to take on the shaggy mane of the bigger males within 18 months.

He will be hunting with them competing for his own pride in the meantime, though he has to contend with his young Sydney Jabu. Rejoins the pride, he has missed out on the kill but he didn’t share his zebra with the rest of the pride. The previous day a half-hearted attempt at mating but the big life attention is drawn to a curious onlooker with the pride.

So close the giraffe won’t be sitting for long drinking and savage fights can occur between the pride male and the intruder if a takeover is successful the new male will usually kill or the suckling young of his former rival. When a nursing mother loses her cubs she comes into heat within a few weeks the normal interval between Cubs is about two years with a gestation time of three to four months. Double marks his territory but it may soon be all in vain a fresh infusion of lion genes is necessary to avoid the effects of long-term inbreeding.

It’s likely Jabu and his son Tempe will be swapped for males from another game reserve this will broaden. The bloodlines of future lions and avoid the genetic risks currently facing the pride at Pinder vultures have found the dead back but there is little left of the carcass November and her pride has eaten the big lioness tries to dislodge.

Indiana fur from her teeth tomorrow the next day there will be another kill the Bombers Cubs will grow up strong the lion is the greatest of all predators the essence of all that is Africa. Yet there are fewer than 50,000 left in the world.

Lions of Africa Wildlife

The future for their species lies in managed reserves such as Pinder here in Zululand the lion roams free for the first time, since the beginning of this century that Pinder the philosophy has always been simple Africa’s wildlife land. Undervalued and underutilized is the continent’s most precious natural resource focusing on the animals their habitats and local communities are just the beginning of an African renascence.

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