Bearded dragon diet (Pogona) habitat & dragons lizard facts

The bearded dragon is a member of the Pogona genus and is endemic to Australia though due to their ease of care and they can now be found all over the world and pet stores and in the homes of exotic animal owners.

Bearded dragon habitat

Bearded Dragon Behavior
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Bearded dragons are semi-arboreal and spend a good portion of their days in the trees basking in the sunlight rocks also make for good basking spots and for the best spots. Beardies will often fight one another despite their reputation for being rather chill. They can be quite aggressive towards one another males will attack any bearded dragon that does not display submissive behavior fighting intimidation is a big part of their lives and they create hierarchies that they have to protect or challenge daily to survive and mate.

Bearded Dragon Black Beard
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They get their name from their throats which are covered in dull spikes in order to show dominance over other dragons that will inflate their throats open their mouths and even change color. The most aggressive color display jet-black if he’s been out there for a while and gotten warm. You’ll most likely run away because we just got up in there their coloration isn’t only used in confrontation and they will change to a darker color in order to absorb heat more quickly.

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet
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In fact when dark they can get to their active body temperature of 40 degrees Celsius about 22 minutes faster this saves a lot of time and frees them up to forage and look for mates their beards are also used in mating during the courtship process. Males will Bob their heads at varying speeds if you couldn’t tell this is called the dominance act which is used to warn off competing males in addition to this males will flash their throats and stomp in order to catch a female’s attention.

Bearded Dragon Diet
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When she draws near he’ll bite her neck to get into position to mate the sex of the babies depends on temperature regardless of chromosomes if the eggs are incubated in temperatures of over 34 degrees Celsius. They will be females and if they’re lower they will be males the fear is that global warming could lead to the majority of bearded dragons being born female with not enough males to keep the population stable. Mating happens at the end of the cold season after they brew mate brumation is a hibernation-like state.

Bearded dragon diet

Bearded Dragon Baby
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When reptiles slow down their metabolic rate and stop eating and drinking during cold weather this allows them to survive harsh colds without expending much energy on the flip side of things when it gets too hot they’ll burrow underground and go dormant to keep cool their diet is made up primarily of insects but as they get older their diet becomes more diverse and they can eat greens.

Bearded dragon facts
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Possibly the most fascinating thing about bearded dragons like many other lizards is that due to a congenital defect called by SEF ilysm. Bearded dragons can be born with two heads even stranger, they can survive. Bearded dragons are incredibly popular as pets they’re very exotic but they’re also very easy to take care of they’re affectionate and they’re really quite chill if you’re interested in owning a beardy.

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