Chartreux cat breed personality, Chartreux vs British Shorthair

The Chartreux cat is known as the oldest cat and most cherished of French breeds there is a French national symbol. Even so much as to be owned by present to go himself Vive la France Charles de Gaulle’s.

Chartreux cat

Chartreux cat breed
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Chartreux was named Gregory and would follow him from room to room but this French Connection goes even further back than to Gaul in 1747 French master Jean-Baptiste Perrineau painted chartreuse sitting with a French aristocrat and today the French Canadians love them too. It’s actually the official cat of the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Chartreux habitat

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These cats are more than just musical mascots they’re smart the shirt true is a very intelligent cat they’ve been known to work buttons alarm clocks get latches open because their so intelligent legends abound on, the origin of the Chartreux but all roads lead to the French Carthusian monks but they almost look like they’re very quiet in fact.

They’re so quiet some say those same monks imposed their vows of silence on the sharp truth Shh while with the monks. Chartreux cats were known as great rat hunters they were hunters from France and so they’re very muscular it’s a very rare breed if the cat is even rare in France where it originated from it’s probably easier finding an authentic French restaurant in your hometown then finding a Chartreux breeder.

Chartreux vs British Shorthair

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In the States, they are so rare that some people confuse the Chartreux with the British Shorthair kind of look like British Shorthairs except that their faces aren’t as round they’re not as extreme looking. The British Shorthair has very very chubby cheeks and the Chartreux not as much but as the British Shorthair. The Chartreux has a distinctive smile they’re one of two other cats that Chartreux.

The Chartreux and the Russian blue which is all considered grey cats. They don’t come in any other color but the beautiful grey-blue silver. It’s this blue-grey coat that clearly defines the chartreuse and each Chartreux has stunning copper-gold colored eyes and behind those eyes lies an empathetic and loving personality. The Chartreux is the type of cat you can tell all your secrets – it’s not gonna be in your face.

Chartreux social kitten

Chartreux cat
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Chartreux loves children but it’s also gonna stand back and it’s gonna look at a whole situation so it’s gonna be loyal but it’s also gonna be very independent these qualities make the Chartreux a good cat for a family with children or other pets. They’re also a very healthy cat the structure is a healthy breed of cat they do have the luxating kneecap that writes in and out but besides that, they don’t have a lot of genetic defects.

The Chartreux thick double coat makes its fur almost waterproof so grooming is Chartreux does take extra time once a week keeps them looking fabulous in summary. Some Chartreux suffer from the luxating kneecap, however, they are generally very healthy grooming may take some extra time because of their thick double coat and they’re good family pets because they interact well with children and even other pets.

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