South Asian wild fishing cat facts (Prionailurus viverrinus)

The fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) in the jungle, probably it is one of the last places in the water you’d expect to find your house cat yet in the water is where this small cat.

Fishing cat facts

Fishing catThe fishing cat dominates with too much competition from predators on land. Fishing cats were forced to explore a new niche in order to survive. They turned to the swamp in order to conquer this new biome. Fishing cats had to develop a whole series of adaptations in the world of small cats.

Fishing cat appearance

Fishing cat habitatThe fishing cats are fairly large their larger size allows them to wrestle large fish out of the water. These stocky cats have short legs deep chests and most, unlike other felines. They have short stubby tails spending most of their time hunting in the water. These cats don’t need long graceful tails to help them balance.

Swimming wild catThese swamp things are the world’s only felines who specialize in fish. Other cats may eat a fish here and there but fishing cats got their name for a reason in a very unfeline-like fashion. Fishing cats dive face-first into the water to ambush their prey. They’ll wait by the water’s edge sitting perfectly still until they see a fish this fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) has spotted one trapped in the shallows she approaches silently the fish is struggling but he can’t get out of the shallows.

Fishing cat flickrThe cat pounces but meals aren’t usually so easy this fishing cat will need to go a bit deeper on the lookout for another fish the cat waits she spots a fish swimming along the bottom of the mangrove. She dives sliding through the water with ease her head is long narrow and very hydrodynamic she’s built to dive she catches the fish unaware and surfaces underwater no one can hear you meow.

They spend so much time of their lives in the water that they have adapted to swim quite well their toes on their front feet have partial webbing which helps them propel themselves through the water while fishing cats specialize in fish. They will hunt anything near the water, in this case, a duck uh these swamp dwellers maintain large territories in pockets throughout south and southeast Asia.

Occasionally overlapping with other fishing cats they live solitary lives only meeting to mate females will usually have a litter of two or three kittens which are born extremely dependent on their mother. They develop quickly and at just one month of age they’ll make their first jump into the water through their days of diving may be limited endangered.

Fishing cat habitat

Fishing Cat - Prionailurus viverrinusThe fishing cat faces an uphill battle the wetlands are disappearing 35 of mangroves on the planet have dried up their habitat is being cleared to make way for agriculture and human infrastructure, damning limits the flow of freshwater to the mangroves increasing their salt content and killing. The vegetation climate change has led to rising sea levels which can decimate these coastal barriers and poachers.

Fishingcat animal
Fishing cat Image Credit

Often trap fishing cats to sell them into the exotic pet trade for their skins and as retribution by fishermen for stealing fish out of their nets but this cat was lucky enough to make it out alive though not entirely unscathed conservation efforts for the fishing cat are difficult. These mysterious cats of the swamp are incredibly elusive and near impossible to find in the wild because of this many people don’t even know what they are but there are people making a difference.

The fishing cat conservancy is educating children in India and Sri Lanka about the fishing cat in hopes that they will come to love and respect them. They also provide local fishermen with tools like crab boxes so they can make a living out of the mangroves without having to cut them down. The fishing cats (Prionailurus viverrinus) are just one resident in a biome that is disappearing around the world and without help from people like you and me, the days for the mysterious fishing cat may be numbered.

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