Poecilotheria ornata Spider | Venomous spiders | Arachnids

Poecilotheria ornata SpiderWorld’s most venomous spiders: fringed ornamental tarantula we’ll start the list with an arachnid that has a 10-inch leg span that’s 25 centimeters that’s a big spider and it has a big bite as well despite their size. Tarantulas are normally not known for their intimidating bite or strong venom but this one is an exception to both perceptions.

They’re in terming to Sri Lanka and usually live in the holes of tall trees. This species has twin fangs that point downward allowing it to inject large quantities of its venom and the toxin is said to be potent enough to cause excruciating pain and severe muscle cramping while no fatalities have been documented this part is by can be extreme enough to send victims to the emergency room.

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