Red Widow Spider | Venomous spiders | Arachnids

Red widowRed widow this one belongs to the widow family but it’s a rare species and highly venomous they’re intimate to Florida and have found primarily in the sand dunes of the southern part of the state identified by Vermillion red fangs they’re also known as the Red Lake Guido although it measures less than an inch long they still carry the deadly venom that is typical of its family bite symptoms can start within three hours and including tense pain muscle cramps and hypertension if left untreated symptoms can last for five days

These arachnids were thought to dig burrows similar to mice but that has since been disproven growing about 3 centimeters long more than 1 inch these are medium to large spiders that are indigenous to Australia they have large fangs and carry a venom that is similar to that found in funnel-web spiders. Experts say the critters could potentially deliver a bite that is far more serious than initially believed part of that conclusion is based on how well the funnel-web anti-venom can treat severe bites from mouse biters.

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